My Chest X-ray series – early days

13 Nov

These are some early pictures when I was trying to get used to the medium. They are quite naive in many ways, but there is some thought behind them. I would be interested in comments you may have about them.

This is the first Chest X-ray that I manipulated and simply put a background of eucalyptus tree bark behind it. The eucalypt has medicinal properties and the connection between this and the way my mother used to rub strong smelling ointment on my chest whenI was young.

Chest 1C: A normal Chest X-ray

I then took that image and used simple enhancement in Photoshop to change the colour scheme, I think it adds relevance to the image.

Chest 2C: A normal chest

Chest 3C  shows a man who has multiple metastatic deposits in the lungs. Although treatments for cancer metastases have improved and will continue to do so, this is a virtual death sentence. The image links life with shifting sea-sand. The colours are those of moss and decay. It is a pessimistic image, grounded in a modern worldly attitude to life.

Chest 3C: A man with lung metastases

For my next image I took the previous X-ray and changed everything; the colours are optimistic, through the crazy shapes and colours the darker shadows are just visible – the darkness behind the light.

Chest 4C: Darkness behind light, a man with lung metastases

The final two images were an exploration into the effects of darkness on an image. They are taken from a man with industrial lung disease. The first is spring like and optimistic whereas the second shows an industrial landscape. The effect of smog, smoke, poor living conditions and crowded environment on respiration.

Chest 5C: Spring in the city

Chest 6C: Industrial smog

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