Three new pictures

30 Nov

By now my technique seems to be settling in and I am a little more familiar with the programs and what they will do. The following images seem to draw a lot of these elements together, not always successfully, but the journey is definitely progressing.



Chest 24 C: Dragon man

The picture shows a man with bronchiectasis, the image is enhanced with swirls and a dragon’s head taken from an ancient Chinese bowl. The background colour – red – raises the image of an ancient treatment for respiratory infections with “Dragon’s blood” – the resin from the bark of the Dracaena tree from Morocco. This image has a luscious, almost erotic feel about it with the rich swirls and the deep red and pink folds behind.

My next image I find less satisfactory it regards a case of pulmonary fibrosis due to bird-fancier’s disease.


Chest 25 C; Bird fancier

This is one of very few cases I have imported an image from the internet [acknowledgement; Dany the Red



Chest 26 C: Lungs of the earth

My third picture today reflects the time I spent working in a chest hospital with people dying of terminal respiratory failure from emphysema, chronic obstructive airways disease. The components of the image associate the suffering of my dying patients desperately gasping for air and my gratitude for healthy lungs that the experience gave me. Trees are the lungs of the earth, the leaves of the trees in this image symbolise the gratitude i felt at that time.






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