Wedding Gift

30 Nov

Chest 32 C: A Wedding gift

We have good friends in the USA who will wed early next year. We shall do our utmost to be there for the celebration in Maui. The problem is the matter of a gift, as both already have beautiful homes of their own which will presumably be amalgamated – This is not the time for a new toaster! We have similar interests and so I have drawn together four resonant elements of our lives in this artwork. The background is the chest X-ray of a child with cystic fibrosis, this is overlain with images of a Hawaiian lei and an Australian bamboo clump, the whole is tinted using reflections of a glass artwork that we visited together in Boston, Mass.

This artwork is a meditation on the Cystic Fibrosis Centre at Boston Children’s hospital, one of the biggest, and probably the oldest in the world where brilliant work is being done. It also reflects my “trial by fire” as a young doctor in a chest hospital, working almost unsupported by senior colleagues, trying to save the life of a beautiful twelve year old girl who died from the complications of the disease.

I have coloured the picture with optimism for new drugs, new antibiotics, stem-cell treatment, and new knowledge about the disease, which gives these children renewed hope.



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