More recent images

6 Dec

Here are three more images in which I am experimenting with colour and texture to produce a dramatic and decorative effect.

The first image is a single lung taken from an X-ray of a person with a lung abscess in the upper zone, it is set against a landscape and in the corner my Chinese dragon again emerges from the shadows. I like the colour and movement of this image but the message is largely obscured.


Chest 27 C; Dragon lung

My next image Chest 28 C was inspired by a visit to a tropical wildlife sanctuary with rotting notices and green algal bloom in the crocodile pondwater. The person in the image has cardiac failure and the image is shot through with an ECG trace of a person with cardiac strain. The final image has a sensation of lush decay. It draws me into the centre, wondering what is under that green layer, like the still but dangerous crocodile pools it is quite ominous.


Chest 28 C; Heart strain

From the apex of the heart comes radiating lines, the image is set against a jungle scene and reminds me a little of the film PREDATOR of the beast disappearing into the scenery. The vivid halo-like colours are reminiscent of those in folk art and contrast strongly with the sombre background colours. The strong foreground lines give the impression of weapons; arrows and spears.



Chest 29 C; The heart speaks out



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