Pre-Christmas Post

13 Dec

The stash of backlogged images that I had produced is almost at an end and I will soon start to place new images as they are made.

This image marks a definite change in my approach in that I have now become more au fait with the program and can predict to a certain extent what the proposed image should look like. There remains an exciting element of suspense because not every result is predictable.


Chest 30 C; Beauty and the beast

The original image comes from a man with bronchiectasis in his lower lung. This can be a terrible disease exacerbated by severe halitosis making the sufferer a social outcast. One man described how his friends and family shunned him like “Living Death”. This image with the mixture of colours of decomposition and decay aptly catches that emotion. The structure of the underlying chest, while still recogniseable has begun to crumble, this and the loss of focus combine to indicate the twilight world in which that man lived.

My second picture in this post is in a similar vein (pardon the pun).

It was made on the day that I became aware in late August 2012 that the remains of a 13 year old boy Daniel Morcombe were found in woodland after he had gone missing nine years previously. The tragic story had been playing on the minds of many, and the up-welling of sympathy for the family was adequately demonstrated in the response to his funeral when the remains were finally put to rest and the family had closure in December 2012.  This image did not consciously intend to represent this event, but in my mind at the time the choice of layers and colours must have been heavily influenced by that occurrence, and as I view it now it seems to symbolise that shocking situation. The original X-ray image taken in 1976 is that of a young person, it is processed and overlain with exposed tree roots leaving a shadowy, even accusatory, image that seems to be fused to the earth but to arise out of the ground beneath. I was attracted by the leathery texture but in that texture there is fundamentally a violent reaction underlying the colours – this is what people, myself included, feared Daniel may have suffered. This is why I associate the image with him and his story. It is an image representing hope for the future whilst not rejecting the realities of the present situation.


Chest 31 C; Daniel

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