Chest 66; Shower of roses

17 May

Chest 66; Shower of Roses


The index X-ray is from lady with breast cancer and metastatic deposits in the lungs, she suffered from a psychiatric complication of the cancer and steroid treatment.

As a junior doctor I was once abused for referring a patient by a psychiatrist who didn’t know that steroids can be a cause of psychiatric symptoms, particularly depression, dementia, and occasionally mania. The patient was accepted for treatment with great reluctance but it was amusing to see the case presented at psychiatric grand rounds the next week as though it was their amazing diagnosis.

The shape of the ring falling through a shower of bubbles was fashioned from the curve at the nape of the neck of the lady in the X-ray. The bubbles are light reflections from a glass bowl. The image lies on a background of flowers – and the title references St Therese, patron saint both of florists and people with diseases such as breast cancer.

I am often astounded by the fortitude and stoicism with which people accept their diagnosis of a fatal condition and sometimes wonder if my own response would carry the same depth of courage. I hope this image begins to illustrate those emotions.

One Response to “Chest 66; Shower of roses”

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs May 18, 2013 at 1:45 am #

    i would never have guessed that an x-ray was part of this image! nice colors and energies to represent the plight of breast cancer and what it does to the psyche of the patient.

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