Chest 110; Ganges dawn

5 Sep
Chest 110 C ganges dawn

Chest 110; Ganges dawn


Varanasi is one of the great holy sites of Hindu religion and the conjoint site of two rivers, the Varana, and the Asi between which the city lies, on the bank of the Ganges, or Ganga. I have combined successive images of sunrise as well as the swastika (Sanskrit su = good, vasti = being, meaning well-being) symbol of the Lord Shiva who, according to legend founded the city. The image also contains the textural residue of a chest X-ray of an Indian lady with miliary tuberculosis. At every level in this amazing and crowded city is the human factor; the outline of two boys sitting in a boat can be seen on the left. One cannot help but be impressed by the devotion of the pilgrims that flock to wash in the Ganges in the morning, and during the day.

Our senses were assaulted when we walked through the back streets, temples painted bright red, or with towers plated in solid gold, and through narrow lanes splattered with cow dung and reeking of litter. Stalls selling silks, shawls of every hue and texture. The colours and shapes come tumbling out in this image.



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