Chest 147; Dragon Fire

14 Apr
Chest 147 J

Chest 147; Dragon fire

Dragon fire is a novel about the influenza virus (Paul Reilly 2001) genetically engineered to cause chaos in the world. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 is the most serious ever recorded, the most recent in 2009. And the news this evening says that 2016 will be a bad year for influenza. This is a condition not to be sneezed at. I have seen people come into hospital with a “dose of flu” and die within 24 hours. This can be a serious condition.

This image began with another experiment making free-forms and ended with a picture of a woman with influenza pneumonia overlaid with a frame and the forms made earlier. They reminded me so much of a dragon (again) that I gave it an eye, and called it Dragon Fire.



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