Thrush, and candidiasis

8 May

Thrush, and candidiasis J

Trying to produce one picture a day is beginning to tell on me, however my style has changed and I am now more confident to do things differently, so the exercise has been a good thing. To address “T” I decided on Thrush, i.e. infection with the candida yeast. I once did a GP locum and the main thing the ladies came in with was thrush to their nether regions. I was young and inexperienced and the receptionist complained afterward because I wanted to make the diagnosis properly and inspect each one – with a chaperone.

Thrush is not just a benign infection, and can invade any organ of the body. I am grieving over a dear friend presently immunocompromised and sick with candida of the lungs, as well as several other nasty complications.

I started with a simple close-up of a red fruit then drew over it in layers, including some script with the letter T. A different filter was used for each layer and a child’s X-ray with the typical spotty lung pattern of candida then introduced, segmented and split. The child has a congenital immune deficiency and is plagued with multiple infections. The drawings gave lots of colour and movement, but some structure was needed to pull the disparate components together – the outline of trees on either side – and that seemed to work.

2 Responses to “Thrush, and candidiasis”

  1. leecleland at 10:42 am #

    This is a good image Tony, but you really did put the onus on yourself with the limitations of this project – one image a day ( most people have trouble post one photo a day without the art work), using an X-ray and then working your way through the alphabet!!! You are nearly at the end and if you have gained knowledge and changed your style it has been worthwhile.

    • Xraypics at 11:03 am #

      Thanks Lee, it has been quite a challenge and the discipline to keep it up has been instructive. But like everything, the more you do the better you get at it. I’m just worried that I will slip into using the same processes over again and I need to keep fresh ideas coming through. I do appreciate your comments!

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