Chest 149; Mobile

24 May

Chest 149; Mobile J

This picture is simply a celebration of the number of mobile X-rays done in hospital for people who are too ill to come to the X-ray department for their investigation. It requires a certain kind of dedication on the part of the radiographers who must be obsessional about getting the patient, the cassette, and the X-ray tube just right, not to mention the problems with low-powered machines, and unconscious or difficult patients. I greatly respect the technicians who can produce excellent mobile images.

A recent mail-out from a gallery showing pictures of an artist who paints on the reverse side of Perspex sheets using coloured inks, and then lights them from behind inspired this image. It was obtained by layering various coloured images and then using a masking tool to cut out sections allowing under layers to show through. The margins and edges were then smudged with a large brush to push the colours around in a soft intermixing appearance. On top I laid down the stripey segmented image copied from the bottom layer, textured it and tried the DROP SHADOW tool which didn’t work because the shadows were uniform across the image giving a flat appearance. I wanted the layer to look as though it was bent upward away from the lower layers. So I copied it, placed the copy under the original, warped and reduced opacity, using the MULTIPLY blending mode to form the shadow effect I was trying to achieve.

I’m fairly pleased with this picture, it has not achieved quite the flat texture of the inspiration piece, but it has taken on its own meaning, and that’s a good thing. It’s best regarded as an experiment and a piece of development.


2 Responses to “Chest 149; Mobile”

  1. leecleland May 25, 2016 at 5:38 pm #

    Interesting way around the problem and it works. Like the joyousness of this.

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