16 Jun
Squares J


This is one of the geometric shapes series.

The colours in this image have a remarkably Christmassy feeling. The base images were taken from the candle-lit sparkles on polished cut glass bringing out the square pattern on the surface. The chest X-ray is from a man with emphysema with the classic box-shaped chest.

Despite the happiness in this image, there are two slightly ominous aspects; the highlit cross in the middle reminds me of a distorted plane flying over the ground, and the bones clearly visible on the right are distinctly un-Christmassy.




One Response to “Squares”

  1. Sabiscuit June 16, 2016 at 8:53 pm #

    Long time no see. I was singing Christmas carols today so this installation is spot on. It’s unfortunate that this person has emphysema but I enjoyed the irony in the collage.

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