24 Jun


As part of the series on geometrical shapes this is the Cross.

The crosses were part of a jetty seen on the ferry trip up Charlotte Sound in BC Canada. Images were superimposed and sparingly coloured. I liked the reflections in the water.

They have been teamed with the chest X-ray of a man with Sarcoidosis. This is a disease of unknown cause – so called idiopathic – in 90% of cases granulomas form in the lungs and frequently multiple other parts of the body including bones. The main sign on a chest X-ray is enlarged lymph nodes around the heart and centre of the chest, but later if the disease progresses a fine criss-crossing pattern known as a reticular interstitial pattern can develop. This can further progress to form a honeycomb pattern, though this is rare.

At least half of these cases resolve spontaneously or with minimal treatment, and most resolve within five years. Though a few go on to have long term chronic disease.




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