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Scavenger hunt Challenge – Patterns

24 Aug
Pattern pic.jpg


This challenge had ten components, Patterns is one I liked. I find rigid patterns too stiff and formal and want some chaos out of which a pattern arises. I found this in a picture of rusty old bed-springs Taken some years ago.


Patterns in bedsprings

The repetitive swirls and wiggly lines was most appealing. I overlaid this with a study of the sun setting through a flamboyant tree in flower (We call it poinciana in Australia). It includes a Chest X-ray of a child which almost disappears into the background, but provides enough alteration in the texture to make a frame around the bright centre. There was little photo processing other than the overlain images and the blending mode to bring the components through.

Scavenger challenge; Architecture

19 Aug

This base image was taken in an architect designed underground home in Switzerland.  The image was combined with images of fishing boxes taken on a visit to Cape Cod, and the normal Chest X-ray of a dear friend who has no association with architecture whatever.


Architecture 1

Architecture – the base image


Architecture 2


Scavenger challenge; Silhouette

19 Aug

The next few images I shall be posting are a series of challenges. There are ten of them called the Scavenger group, and they cover a variety of photographic subjects. I shall include both the index image, and my artistic development of it.

The first was titled Silhouette, and was taken at a festival in the dark as the person in front of me took a flash photograph. It was combined with a reflected fish in a fish-tank. The image contains the X-ray image of a person with a pneumonia that obscures the silhouette of the heart. This is known, unsurprisingly as the silhouette sign and is a very useful diagnostic tool.


Silhouette 1

Silhouette – the original image


Silhouette Pic


Chest 154; Lotus

28 Jul

I don’t yet have a proper name for this picture, built up from images collected in Kakadu National Park. There was a lotus flower floating on the river’s edge obviously broken from the beds of lotus further upstream. It formed the basis of a series of images layered to give this final picture. The lotus is a symbol of purity and detachment, the flower floating on the surface of the water in the light attached by a thin stem to the dark mud below.

There is a lot of pink in it with the association between pink and breast cancer. So I included the chest X-ray of a woman with breast cancer and complications. The link between this disease which would likely soon “release” her from this earthly life, as it were, and the broken flower floating away was too strong to ignore.

Chest 154 C

Chest 154; Lotus

Chest 152; Lung stones

15 Jul
Chest 152; stone

Chest 152; Chest stones

This image was made up of several layers of stone combined to give the impression of violent movement around a fixed central mass – like a rock set in a stormy sea.

It was inspired by a man who presented with a cough following a bout of flu. There was no evidence of pneumonia on his Chest X-ray but several large calcified lumps in his lungs were incidentally found. These look alarming but were actually benign malformation in the way the lung was made. These are known as hamartomas. They grow at the same rate as the body but as a disorganised mass made up of tissues arising from the organ that they lie in. The bronchi of the lung contain cartilage in the walls which can calcify. The calcium seen in these lumps arises from its cartilage component and classically look like popcorn on the X-ray. They are sometimes known as “lung stones”.



Chest 151 and 151A; Untitled

7 Jul
Chest 151 A

Chest X-ray 151

Chest 151

Chest X-ray 151A

These two pictures are essentially the same picture with different processing within Photoshop allowing more or less of the background to shine through the X-ray.
The X-ray is from a man with pneumocystis pneumonia – an organism that invades the body of immune compromised people, especially HIV.
I have difficulty deciding which is the more interesting, and more relevant picture and therefore have posted both, it would be good to hear peoples comments on these.

Showgrounds this weekend

3 Jul

Once again a set of six images from the local Agricultural Show this weekend. I continue my theme of black and white with a touch of colour, but in line with helpful comments on the previous sets, this group is more cropped, and the colour is generally more subtle.


Knitting Nurse

Knitting nurse



Distressing News

Distressing news




Friendly police

Mother and child

Mother and child



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