List of X-ray Artists

X-ray Artists


  • Arky, David, Current, Artist, Brooklyn New York
  • Beaumont, Boo, Current, UK artist – Flowers
  • Berman, Larry 2000 – present; He was captivated by the look of x-rays as the doctor examined them on the view-box and wondered how they would photograph in his colour infrared style
  • Bonichi, Benedetta, Current, Rome – Human studies
  • Bootlegged Jazz – posted by Erika Rae
  • Bruwer, Andre J, 1918 – 2008 (distinguished) radiologist Tucson USA
  • Conklin, William – shells 1995
  • Covert, Diane, – Massachusetts artist, current. x-rays from Jerusalem hospitals “Inside terrorism” work concerns the effects of terrorism on the civilian population
  • Cox, Matthew, Philadelphia, Current
  • Delvoye, Wim, current. Belgian artist – Xrays of living people, scatology, and church windows
  • Delzel, Peter, Current, Photographer, Chelsea, London – Objects, human, sea creatures
  • Denes Agnes, Current, Hungarian-born American conceptual artist based in New York, exceptionally wide range of art from poetry to sculpture
  • Dudenbostel, Don, Current, Photographer, Knoxville TN – flowers and objects
  • Ellison, Andy, Current  – MRI Technician with images of fruit and vegetables
  • Ferguson, Laura, Current – She manipulates 3D CT scans to produce images that are further modified by drawing and printing on hand-made paper
  • Ferrante, Marc, Strasbourg, France. Current.
  • Fitzpatrick, Brendan. Current, Sydney, Australia
  • Fung, Kai-hung, Current – A Radiologist who has developed an algorithm that can be applied to CT scans to give beautiful effects
  • Hall, Edward (19 December 1858 – 15 August 1926) was a pioneer in the medical use of X-rays in the United Kingdom.
  • Hayes-Beaulieu, Kristie Current, is an art teacher, Solvay High School, Syracuse, New York
  • Hori, Takayuki,  Student project, Kanazawa Japan, Current
  • Hybrid Medical Animation – The Animation Team at Minneapolis USA. Medical animations.
  • Jagodic, Stane, Current, Slovenian photographer Celje
  • Kanda, Ayako and Hayashi, Mayuka. Current, Musashino University Japan
  • Koetsier, Albert, Natural objects. He sees X-rays as metaphors to represent nature as an artistic expression
  • Köhler, Martin Current, Photographer for Grey Advertising Agency Argentina
  • Kruisdijk, Ben 2005 – etchings on X-ray photographs. Likes to work with the systems of (visual) language that functions as a medium between factual and fictional
  • Livingston, Roy, Current, Louisville, Kentucky, USA – objects and toy robots
  • Maisel, David, current, Californian artist – images of antique statuary
  • McMillan, Judith, current. New York photographer – plants and flowers
  • Meyers, Bert– flowers and objects 1970s
  • Meyers, Steven Current, Bothell, Washington, Radiographer – flowers and plants 2007
  • Miller, Steve, Artist photographer, sculptor, New York. Current
  • Myers, Bert, Current, Retired Professor Louisiana State University
  • Ozturk, Dilek, Student Project, Istanbul, Turkey. Current
  • Palmer, Angela, Current, London based artist
  • Penhale, Mark, current. Western Australian veterinarian
  • Pinkel Sheila Current. Emeritus professor at Pomona College Claremont, California USA
  • Prywitch, Brett, Current St Louis USA
  • Raikes, Merrill Current – Retired Radiologist Conway Massachusetts – Floral images
  • Richards, Albert G, 1917 – 2008, Photographer and Dental Radiographer
  • Shpakovski, Yury, current. Russian surrealist artist – X-ray like images
  • Spurrier, Noah– Objects, likes to use X-rays to elicit aesthetic pleasure
  • Stuelke, Satre 2007 – present; He is an artist who is re-training as a doctor with an intention to become a radiologist. He uses CT scanners to explore the 3D aspects of everyday objects to reveal the inner beauty
  • Tasker, Dain – flowers 1930s, A pioneer in the use of X-rays as art
  • Taylor, George, current. Boston Radiologist – plants, shells, composites
  • Thorn, Chris, current, Cornwall UK
  • Turvey, Hugh, current. Artist in Residence British Institute of Radiology
  • van ‘t Reit, Arie, Current, X-ray photographer, Bathmen, The Netherlands – Objects, painting, nature
  • Veasey, Nick, – Large and small objects 2000s to the present.
  • Viner, Guy. Current. USA photographer
  • Wehtje, Jim, Current, Massachusetts, USA, Bio photographer
  • Whitney, Bryan. Current, New York. Photographer
  • Wong, Chris, Current Radiologist, Sydney, Australia
  • Wright, Leslie, Current, British, mainly flowers

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