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Chest 65; Tunnel

15 May

Chest 65; Tunnel

In this image I tried to achieve an impression of depth; of a tunnel receding into the distance. The soft knitted background and the web of poles and high tension wires contrast with each other symbolising opposing aspects of life.  

The third element was a chest X-ray from the teaching files showing a lady with recent breast enhancement, and placement of implanted prostheses. The picture reflects desirable, good aspects of cosmetic breast surgery, but also notes unfortunate, less desirable facets. The outcome of this surgery is usually highly successful.

By changing the shape of the body, self esteem, and personal confidence is greatly improved. This is symbolised in the bold confident colours. There is, however, a dark component in this image. Research shows a significantly  increased suicide rate as well as increased alcohol and drug abuse amongst women who seek breast enhancement. The reasons for this are complex referring to the complex psychosocial maze in which the woman finds herself.

The image is about the spiritual connection of body and spirit.


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