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Grim Reaper series No 3; Carnevale

28 Nov
Reaper 3 C

Grim Reaper series 3; Carnevale

In this image I wanted to explore the link between the Latin carne = meat and vale = farewell as carnevale or carnival. It means letting go of the flesh, your former self. This etymology is, disputed, however I like it. There are a lot of psychological theories about the institution of carnival, its value to produce an effect by focussing attention on conflict through senseless acts. Challenging the powerful through the medium of sex, gluttony and defaecation. Carnival may be fun, but whatever the psychology behind it has a deeply creepy side, hence the whole “Carnival of Death” genre which features masks, clowns, skeletons, aberrant behaviour, and bright abandonment of colour and harmony. Some carnival celebrations involve throwing around large quantities of talc powder.

The index chest X-ray is one from a male patient who suffered with a chronic pneumothorax for years. In order to seal the air leak, and to make the lung re-expand, surgeons performed a pleurodesis, in which a chemical irritant (in this case talcum powder) is introduced into the pleura. The resulting inflammation causes the pleural surfaces to stick together. The talc, and the resulting calcification, are clearly visible on a chest X-ray.

The layers in this image are made up entirely of colour (a reflection in the paint of a blue motorcar, the undulating red and yellow marks of a paving stone, and my own spray painted patches) superimposed on the skull bones and X-ray.

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