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The swirl

20 Feb

Fig Tree

This image was based on a photograph of a very complex fig tree with thousands of aerial roots dropping and intertwining, a peaceful sylvan idyll. The highlights of the tree were inverted and selected to show the opposite of the original effect.

By emphasising the lines the scene becomes disordered and almost violent; sparks thrown off in all directions. To this comes the Chest X-ray of an child who has cystic fibrosis lying behind the incongruity between forest and fireworks. Cystic fibrosis children have something about them that sets them apart from others. Those I have met are patient and kind, they teach us perseverance and love. I have yet to meet a CF child who does not put a smile on your face. Their life is hard, there is a constant up and down, a whirlpool of treatment and illness that I have tried to depict by the addition of a design borrowed from a Dale Chihuly exhibition (www.chihuly.com) showing one of his beautiful artworks, modified to introduce a strong directional element into the image with a clockwise swirling effect.


Chest 49; The swirling

Although it seems to be finished in that alteration, addition, or removal of elements diminishes the strength of the image, yet I do not feel quite satisfied with it, but am not sure where further to take it.

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