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Chest 167; Dislocation

19 Jan

Chest 167; Dislocation

The image is taken from the acute X-ray of a right shoulder, it includes some of the chest, and so I felt it could be included in my series. It is one of very few X-ray pictures where I know the identity of the owner. My dearest friend and companion. She slipped and fell just over a year ago. When I picked her up it was obvious that the shoulder was dislocated, possibly broken. As a medical student I was taught the Hippocratic method of shoulder dislocation reduction, and so reduced her shoulder immediately whilst she was still in shock and wouldn’t register the pain.

This image contains the X-ray taken on the same day as the accident. The shoulder is dislocated, and the bone on the glenoid of the scapula in the joint is broken. It took a year and a shoulder replacement to mend. Circles within circles represent the microscopic bone structure. The colours, angles and bright points reflect that year of exquisite pain and suffering.

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