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The Dragon

10 Apr
Compact print 1 C

The dragon 

This is an image I am considering for submission to an exhibition of Compact Prints. The prints are required to be square, and to fit into a standard CD case. It is the first image I’ve made for a long time that has got no X-ray in it, but somehow no matter what I did, it didn’t seem to work.

The picture is derived from a single photograph consisting of bleached driftwood in bright sunlight. The textural patterns derive from splits in the wood. The shapes from light and shadows playing on the surface.

Chest 97; The octopus tree

28 Nov

Chest 97; The octopus tree


The lungs of this X-ray were left pretty much intact and the effects of diffuse intravascular coagulation (DIC) can still be seen causing fluffy shadows throughout both lungs. The person is being ventilated following a massive infection which caused tiny blood clots to form throughout the blood vessels of the body. These block small capillaries in vital organs such as the kidneys, liver heart, and lungs causing them to stop functioning. Depending on the type of treatment DIC has a 40-50% chance of never recovering. It is a devastating condition. I have at least one friend who died of DIC.

The paired images are taken after the cyclone Yasi swept through our region. Red flower fronds blown down during the storm lying on grass reflect the tiny blood clots. These are from an Umbrella tree (sometimes known as an octopus tree because of the flower bracts) and the overall chaotic nature of this picture echo both the effect of Yasi and effect of this condition as coagulation runs amuck through the body. A friend said the combination of red streak running to the right and the fronds reminded him of a dragon, so I included the beautiful cyclone-like swirls above and sinuous lines below taken from an antique Chinese ceramic pot with a dragon.

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