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Elements series No 2; Air

11 Oct


To try and give a sense of the power in the air I’ve combined the forces together. This picture groups several sky photographs to give a turbulent stormy image that reminds me of the chaos during Cyclone Yasi. I have tried to capture the eerie yellow light, the force of the wind and the surreal appearance of the landscape during the storm. A much fragmented chest X-ray can be seen centrally.


Elements series No 1; Life

11 Oct

Elements No 1: Life

The four elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Water combine to the element of Life.

This image combines flames, clouds, water ripples, and a rock face, along with parts of my usual chest X-ray. Note the hand in the left lower corner.

I am preparing a series of five pictures that follow the four elements and hope to have them exhibited at the Mercedes Benz Fashion show later this month. If it comes off. Please hold thumbs for me.

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