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Phoenix – for Light on the Fringe

8 Aug

This video has occupied most of my spare waking hours for a couple of months now and It can finally be presented for you to see. Hopefully you will like it.

It is part of a co-operation between eight artists for a fringe festival called Light on the Fringe associated with a North Queensland Art festival in Townsville.

I have always loved the story and symbolism of the Phoenix who dies and rises again from the ashes. I also have a fascination for colour and movement. Perhaps both are fulfilled here.

The dancer is my eight year old grandaughter. She was just given a beat and asked to just dance – and this is her spontaneous movement.

The feather is taken from a single photograph and animated as it appears to fall through the sky. The idea for the painting of the feather at the beginning and end comes from an artist who wets the paper with water and then allows ink to flow into it, I did about fifty paintings until I got one right!

The animations were done in Adobe Premiere which is a new program for me, and the bird flying away was rotoscoped using Adobe Flash.

Scenes of the bushfire were taken during a burning off – fuel reduction – exercise not far from my home in July 2015.

Chest 100; Fire and ice

12 Dec

Chest 100; Fire and Ice



This is the one hundredth chest X-ray picture and I wanted it to be a little more dramatic than usual. The extent to which I have been successful is up to you to judge.

The Index X-ray was from a man with asbestosis who developed a cancer of lung and subsequently the left upper lobe of the lung was removed. The greenish fibrous lines represent blue asbestos associated with mesothelioma and enhances risk of lung cancer in those who smoke. Lung cancer development begins long after asbestos fibres have been inhaled into the lungs. Once they’re inhaled, they stick within the lung tissue because of their jagged structure. The hard mineral fibres cause irritation, inflammation and genetic damage, and tumour formation begins.

I have tried to contrast the chaotic (hot) swirling lines on the left of the image with the hard cold fibrous changes on the right, hence the title.

Elements series No 4: Fire

11 Oct

Elements No 4; Fire


Layers upon layers of fire, including the images of a fire-dance, overlay the background image of a chest. Someone who saw this commented that it looks like a cremation in progress! That is not the intention, but everything is in the eye of the beholder. There is stacks of movement, and on the left a rearing horse outline comes through. It is similar to one of my Chest series in many ways, and despite the heat and activity it also has the feeling of a textile print.




Chest 80; Listen to that voice

26 Jul

My time at the moment is taken up with an animation project that is both time consuming and fascinating. Since I’m drawing the frames myself it can take up to 8 hours (in my inept handling of the computer program) to produce a mere 18 seconds of animation! But it is fun. It incorporates a 3D surface rendered image of a head, and mixes cut slices of the brain. I don’t know if it is possible to upload it to this blog, but I’ll investigate when it is complete. Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Presently it is in Adobe After Effects, with the main work being done in Flash.


Chest 80; Listen to that voice


This weeks offering contains the X-ray of a person in acute heart failure following a large myocardial infarct – a classic heart attack. Not much of the original X-ray is seen in the image, though an ECG lead can be seen on the left.

I’ve tried to illustrate the chest pain that radiates to the left shoulder, coupled with feelings of deep dread that people report when the attack is at its height.  The wild patterns were achieved by blending two photographs of a blazing fire, and these were placed for contrast and focus over a close-up picture of a yellow allamanda flower, the golden trumpet. (I could say that the person is hearing the golden trumpet calling, but that would be just too cheesy.) There is often, but not always a prodromal phase with chest tightness or pain before a heart attack and people often say I thought something was wrong but ignored it, hence the title.

Parts of the image remind me of silk dress-pattern prints that I have seen, that is probably because I have not used a blur to focus the eye – there is even focus all over the picture consequently although there is lots of movement, it is a flat image without much depth.

Chest 75; Wing of Fire

1 Jul



Chest 75; Wing of Fire

The person whose X-ray appears here was unfortunate enough to have an autoimmune condition – Wegener’s Syndrome. The name itself is disapproved of. Wegener who described the condition in 1936 was known to be a follower of the Nazi regime. He worked close to the genocide machinery at Lodz, was wanted by the Polish authorities, and investigated by the UN War Crimes Commission. There is a strong move to change the name.

This is a disfiguring vasculitis affecting nose and mouth, kidneys, lungs. Before introduction of steroid treatment it was universally fatal within months. After that cyclophosphamide treatment was a major breakthrough giving an average five year survival, though treatment can still be problematic.

The X-ray image here is broken into several components which do not overlap exactly. The outlines break up like molten lead spilled on the ground. It overlies a pine forest through which the colours of a spirit-like shape can be seen flowing to the foreground. At the front the sun breaks through the shadows highlighting the pine needles over the region of the heart. 

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