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Chest 106; Forest spirit

27 Jun
Chest 106 C

Chest 106; Forest spirit



This image has a kind of Sci-Fi feeling to it – “The blob from outer space”. It just kind’a grew out of a variety of elements, like Topsy. In this work I hoped to explore the notion of chaos within structure, in which the chaotic element itself has a kind of inexorable structure of its own.
We often see cancers on chest X-rays as irregular rounded densities with fine radiating spicules. Occasionally the cancer grows between the normal structures of the organ along lymphatic channels towards the lung root (the hilum) where they invade lymph nodes which enlarge.
This picture contains two X-rays, well hidden; the first from a woman with mastectomy for breast cancer and previous cardiac surgery. The big red blob originated from a purple bird-splat on a window, presumably the bird had previously eaten some coloured fruit. It is connected via multiple fine lines to the smaller blob in the centre of the picture which is where the second X-ray hides. To see it the picture must be greatly magnified. This is from a person with multiple metastatic deposits in the lungs; both are therefore from people with cancers.
I’m not sure as to how successful I have been, however there is clearly a feeling of unease in the contrasting choice of colour and the erratic, rather diffuse mass bumbling through the trees, the broken areas of dark and light playing against each other. By rights the reds should contrast with green, and the blues with yellow. In this image there is very little complementary colouring and I think this causes further disjunction.



Chest 87; Shine a Light

12 Sep

Chest 87; Shine a Light

Lung cancer commonly affects smokers but as smoking has declined the relative proportion of non-smokers has increased. Survival has improved over the last two decades, but remains low – only 13 out of 100 people with lung cancer survive five years beyond their diagnosis.

Unfortunately at times living with a big diagnosis such as this it can be overwhelming. Constantly thinking and being reminded of it interferes with the joy of living. When looking at this image I am reminded that 100% of humans have a terminal condition called life. We are short term visitors in this world. For this reason it is important to focus on the present moment, on what’s happening right now, the things to look forward to, and things we have for which we can be grateful today; good advice for all of us. The future will take care of itself if we focus on right now. Make the most of this moment. Take one day at a time.

Today’s post is a combination of a forest and a chest X-ray of a lady with lung cancer that caused collapse of the left upper lobe. The two lungs can be seen through the trees, on the normal side the blackness of the air allows the forest to shine through, and the abnormal side masks the deep red colour behind. I was raised on a copper mining town where lung cancer amongst the miners was rife. The lower part of the image shows a green oxide-like a corroded copper plate that begins to obscure the picture.

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