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Chest 61; Reflection on a golden eye

2 May


This picture was built up using a photograph of a child’s eye, the index X-ray from a young boy with a 20 cent coin stuck in his throat, it can be seen at the top of the image as a moon-like circular structure.

The steely gaze of the golden eye scrutinises the viewer gazing directly, eye-to-eye as it were, over a lake surrounded by trees. It reminds one of the pictures whose eyes follow you around the room. It shows reflections both within the eye and in the lake surface beneath.

The title makes a nod towards the 1960’s film (Reflections in a golden eye) starring Marlon Brando and Elisabeth Taylor. It has elements of those glossy over busy images popular in the mid 1970’s and early ‘80’s associated with various Eastern religious sects.

Most of my pictures produce movement towards the right lower corner, but in this image I have tried to reverse the direction of the eye’s movement with sweeping lines directed up and toward the left, coming to rest on the circular body over all – the swallowed coin of the child. I am not sure how successful that is.

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