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Chest 86; Esima

7 Sep

Chest 86; Esima


It was 1973 and I spent the whole night awake watching a lady die from asthma. She wheezed her last, I saw her terrified eyes, and I watched her slide down that tunnel at four o’clock in the morning. Her attack was resistant to available drugs, and respiratory support resources were severely restricted due to medical sanctions imposed by so called civilised countries on the place that was then called Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I have never forgotten her.

The excellent nursing staff at Harare Hospital call the condition Kuzarirwa and would say to us “Esima”.

The X-ray in this picture is from a young lady with asthma being treated in a modern intensive care. She survived. The image appears twice; both incorporated into the main image, and on the security monitor on the wall. It is the first time I have displayed an X-ray whole, and I think it makes a clear statement. It is paired with pollen bearing grasses and trees that cause allergic asthma in Queensland.

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