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Chest 166; Histoplasmosis

7 Sep
Chest 166 Histoplasmosis

Chest 166; Histoplasmosis

The chest X-ray in this picture came from an older man who was infected with a tiny yeast-like organism called Histoplasma. It is common in the environment and found in soil, bird, and bat guano. People exposed to bat colonies are susceptible to the condition, when they breathe in the spores in the air. The condition is usually acute, but self limiting and 90% have no signs of illness at all. A few develop a mild chest infection. Rarely, as in this case man who was immune suppressed, the organism can spread into the tissues and pre-existing lung disease such as tuberculosis is another predisposing factor. The organism is found world wide and cases of histoplasmosis have been seen in Australia.

I used images of coloured leaves, soil, and the splattered mud on the side of a motor vehicle to enhance this image.

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