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Chest 100; Fire and ice

12 Dec

Chest 100; Fire and Ice



This is the one hundredth chest X-ray picture and I wanted it to be a little more dramatic than usual. The extent to which I have been successful is up to you to judge.

The Index X-ray was from a man with asbestosis who developed a cancer of lung and subsequently the left upper lobe of the lung was removed. The greenish fibrous lines represent blue asbestos associated with mesothelioma and enhances risk of lung cancer in those who smoke. Lung cancer development begins long after asbestos fibres have been inhaled into the lungs. Once they’re inhaled, they stick within the lung tissue because of their jagged structure. The hard mineral fibres cause irritation, inflammation and genetic damage, and tumour formation begins.

I have tried to contrast the chaotic (hot) swirling lines on the left of the image with the hard cold fibrous changes on the right, hence the title.

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