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Slipping away

13 Feb

then on the shore of this wide world i stand alone and think, till love and fame to nothingness do sink” John Keats.

In this image I try to explore the relationship between the present and the mortal future. It contains the X-ray image of a child with a potentially lethal condition but which can be survived given the right treatment. In a former life in Africa I was surrounded by children who died for lack of resources. Witness to so many that simply slipped away. I was struck by the tacit acceptance of death by people, the realisation that perhaps the children were better off than living in the terrible conditions they encountered. It was a nihilism that I had difficulty coming to terms with then, and even now. Keats’ lines above suggest that death turns all our effort and striving to nothing – they are not worth the stress. Our unlimited values are rendered meaningless by a limited life. In this context death is both the cause and solution of our problems, the fear and the remedy.


Chest 47: Slipping away


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