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Chest 112; Tummy pain

19 Dec
Chest 112 tummy pain

Chest 112; Tummy pain

The index X-ray is from a person who had a knife wound in the abdomen showing a lot of gas in the peritoneum due to perforation of the bowel. This lead to peritonitis from soiling of the peritoneum with bacteria laden bowel contents that leaked through the hole. Damage to the pancreas frequently occurs with penetrating abdominal injury with release of enzymes that make inflammation much worse. Growth of the organisms can cause infection of the bloodstream. This is a very serious situation and can lead to abscess formation, gangrene of bowel and septic shock. It is frequently lethal and must be recognised early. One of the first signs is gas in the abdomen seen on a chest X-Ray at the time of presentation.

The Chest X-ray visible in the background with the word “Erect” just visible indicating they were upright when the picture was taken. I’ve overlaid this with a picture of watery seas and a flaking door frame. The interaction of crossing lines in the right lower zone pulls the eye to the right but tension is caused because other lines within the image converge toward a point off the margin on the left, pulling the other way. A ghost reflection of the original X-ray is seen on the left.

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