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Lux – Light; pel-lucidem

30 Apr
Lux pel-lucidum J

Lux – Light; pellucidem

The middle of the human brain contains a membrane structure that separates the two halves of the cerebrum. This membrane, a septum, so fine that it allows light to pass through it, it is almost translucent; pel-lucid, named in Latin; the septum pel lucidum, i.e. the dividing wall that is translucent.

Absence of the septum pellucidum occurs in certain congenital conditions and because the septum is involved with formation of the tracts concerning vision, it is often associated with blindness, and incidentally many other neurological problems.

I have included the X-ray of a newborn baby with congenital absence of this structure as well as absence of other brain structures. The Chest X-ray itself was normal.

The image consists of two base images; a red flower, colour inverted, and a layer of rusty iron is subtracted. Light (lux in Latin) is provided by a picture of a candle overlaid to give focus to the image.


Phoenix – for Light on the Fringe

8 Aug

This video has occupied most of my spare waking hours for a couple of months now and It can finally be presented for you to see. Hopefully you will like it.

It is part of a co-operation between eight artists for a fringe festival called Light on the Fringe associated with a North Queensland Art festival in Townsville.

I have always loved the story and symbolism of the Phoenix who dies and rises again from the ashes. I also have a fascination for colour and movement. Perhaps both are fulfilled here.

The dancer is my eight year old grandaughter. She was just given a beat and asked to just dance – and this is her spontaneous movement.

The feather is taken from a single photograph and animated as it appears to fall through the sky. The idea for the painting of the feather at the beginning and end comes from an artist who wets the paper with water and then allows ink to flow into it, I did about fifty paintings until I got one right!

The animations were done in Adobe Premiere which is a new program for me, and the bird flying away was rotoscoped using Adobe Flash.

Scenes of the bushfire were taken during a burning off – fuel reduction – exercise not far from my home in July 2015.

Chest 87; Shine a Light

12 Sep

Chest 87; Shine a Light

Lung cancer commonly affects smokers but as smoking has declined the relative proportion of non-smokers has increased. Survival has improved over the last two decades, but remains low – only 13 out of 100 people with lung cancer survive five years beyond their diagnosis.

Unfortunately at times living with a big diagnosis such as this it can be overwhelming. Constantly thinking and being reminded of it interferes with the joy of living. When looking at this image I am reminded that 100% of humans have a terminal condition called life. We are short term visitors in this world. For this reason it is important to focus on the present moment, on what’s happening right now, the things to look forward to, and things we have for which we can be grateful today; good advice for all of us. The future will take care of itself if we focus on right now. Make the most of this moment. Take one day at a time.

Today’s post is a combination of a forest and a chest X-ray of a lady with lung cancer that caused collapse of the left upper lobe. The two lungs can be seen through the trees, on the normal side the blackness of the air allows the forest to shine through, and the abnormal side masks the deep red colour behind. I was raised on a copper mining town where lung cancer amongst the miners was rife. The lower part of the image shows a green oxide-like a corroded copper plate that begins to obscure the picture.

Through darkness light

7 Mar

When the darkness comes, keep an eye on the light – whatever that is for you – no matter how far away it seems.

Jan Berry 2003

However hard life is look carefully and there is always something to be joyful for. My choice of chest X-ray was from our teaching files; a two year old boy with Fallot’s tetralogy a congenital abnormality of the heart.  After the operation to repair his heart, following a very stormy infancy he survived to live a useful life. He was one of very few children in the collection that I knew. He taught me a lesson of forbearance and acceptance of my situation.

This image reminded me of a similar child who sadly did not survive. He came to my department to be examined regularly, slowly dying of respiratory failure due to intractable nephrotic syndrome. Even in extremis he always had a smile for me, always trying to comfort his grieving parents.

In this image I have tried to depict both the darkness and, through the shadows, the light.

Chest 50 C

Chest 50; Through Darkness, Light

This image was first posted on Thursday, on Friday I thought it needed further work, and today Saturday, it is re-posted after moving various highlights. Now it works better, giving a much improved sense of movement.

Light Play

31 Jan

This post contains a new picture – a mediation on light, the interaction of the X-ray light with visible light. It is composed of a Chest X-ray of a small boy from Papua New Guinea who died from an overwhelming infection with tuberculosis. The base image is from a play of light on a wall thrown from the sun overhead passing through green glass. I have lifted a segment from that and manipulated it to produce a wandering blue and white evanescence passing across the image; evoking the rising of the spirit. A strong pattern of arrow-heads and ladder-like shapes are derived from a Papuan Tapas design, thus linking with the Papuan boy, it is the only “solid” component in the piece.


Chest 43; Light Play

This image reminds me that we do not live for the destination but for the journey itself

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