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Like Graffito an X-ray shift

2 Feb

This work was a bit of an accident but I liked the hard edged effect so decided to keep it. It evolved from here – another series to be shown in another post because it changes form quite substantially.

The base X-ray image is from a child with a large abscess in the right lung, the components were segmented. For background texture took an image of cracked pavement stone, manipulated it for colour, copied and blurred with large chunks cut. These two layers subtract to give the worm-like forms, were then separated by a layer of spray-paint white blobs. Finally the X-ray segments are interspersed with the layers, producing an image that seems to move to the right.The whole image reminds me so much of spray-on graffiti that I had to compare it with graffiti artists;


Alice; Graffito, Source: http://www.tumblr.com (Artist unattributed)

Included is an example – hard-edged image (although much more representative) over soft sprayed forms has resonance with the cut-and-dried shapes in my picture.


Chest 44: Graffito – an X-ray shift

The helmet like outlines of the ribs in my image below link to pictures I have seen of Viking warrior armour. It is a tough hard-edged ┬áimage, quite unlike any I have done before. I am not particularly attracted to the image or it’s abstraction but include it as a post because it has resonances.

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