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Chest 108; Heart to heart

14 Nov
Chest 108 heart in heart C

Chest 108, Heart to heart

One of the interns I have worked with knows of my interest in art and the way I use a chest X-ray as a signature within my images. She kindly sent me a copy of an X-ray that she encountered. It was done to investigate a young child thought to have swallowed a foreign body such as a watch battery. The X-ray that came through didn’t show a battery, but a metallic heart-shaped object in the middle of the chest – a heart overlying the heart. At first it was thought to be something the child had swallowed, now stuck in the oesophagus. The object turned out to be a charm on her necklace that the radiographer had failed to remove before doing the exposure.

I have twinned the X-ray image with a skein of coloured silks from a market in India and the inner reflections of a large coloured glass bowl. The charm was then segmented and floated above the rest of the picture to represent the focus on it, in view of the potential problem it may have caused if it had been swallowed.

This is a rather sentimental picture but that’s all good.

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