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A struggle

4 Jan

Chest 36; Fire and ice

It was very difficult getting the various components of this image to work. This image shows a much fragmented chest, the spine and the ribs are still evident, though broken apart and layered over a luscious triffid looking flower in an eerie and tempestuous landscape.  The chest came from a child with asthma, the lungs were over expanded and so had lost a lot of their structural contrast, on subtracting them I was left with the bones. By treating each pixel layer differently it changed the relationship between them, they were then shifted individually to spread them across the background. It consists of three layers, the back is a silk cloth much ruffled, in front of that a photo of the glass artworks, distorted to produce curves where only straight lines were present before. I chose photos taken at an exhibition of works in glass formed in amazing sinuous shapes, and hoped to use them to focus interest on the foreground.and the chest cut into segments and shifted and rotated. I needed to lift the colour at the centre of the flower, so backed it with a semi translucent patch of white blur. To my surprise it changed the general blue into a pink/mauve colour and gave just the right counterpoint I was looking for.  The image is quite busy but seems to have achieved a fusion of warmth and cold – fire and ice. There is a feeling of fragmentation and impact which I  rather like. It felt as though if any more work was to be done on this it would take a lot more to bring it to something like completeness again, and it would lose the impact of the anatomical structures.

I see a trend  towards complexity and a dark side in my images as I progress through them. The otherworld coming through the picture.The layers of the image intrigue me, and the movement in them makes me want to climb into them.

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