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Y is for a Young infant

14 May
Y for Young Infant J

Y is for Young Infant

So this challenge has been a particularly hard one for me. I thought about Y chromosome deletions but I’ve already done that (X0), or Yeast infections (Thrush). I also wondered about Yersinia infection. I worked for a while with a tiny Jewish guy who ran the laboratory. When I knew him, he seemed to be about a hundred years old. He couldn’t have been because he had a lovely wife who also worked in his laboratory. He described human infection with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in the United Kingdom. It is implicated, (but as far as I know it’s not proven) in Crohns disease as Yersinia enterocolitica and of course Plague (otherwise known as Black Death)as Yersinia pestis. But I digress.

I decided to use Young Infant as the index term. I worked with infants for about six months before moving to radiology. As a consultant, newborns and their diagnostic problems were part of my daily work for many years. Infant X-rays strike terror into the hearts of trainees; there’s no good reason why they should. There are only a limited number of conditions that affect infants. So I break the diagnostic process into segments by age, clinical presentation, and so on, to try and simplify things for them.

The infant in this image taken at 2 hours of age was a very young preterm born at 30 weeks almost ten weeks too early. He developed many of the complications of prematurity such as hyaline membrane disease, but survived due to the skill of the neonatal paediatric team.


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